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Why Viya?

No hidden booking fees

You only pay for your stay.

Instantly save on bookings

Earn Rewards Points and immediately save on your next booking.

Secure booking and payment

Enjoy safe debit card, credit card and EFT payments with industry-grade security checks from start to finish.

Personalised customer service

Talk to your dedicated booking agent every step of the way.

Verified stays

Travel in style with over 30,000 verified stays all over South Africa.

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What is Viya?


Viya is a new accommodation booking app made to share your travel experiences with the world. With over 30,000 options on Viya, you can find and book your Viya stay anywhere in Mzansi.


Viya allows you to share your travel experiences with other travellers on Viya. Along with other fun social features, you can create your own Viya profile, post about your stays, follow other Viya travellers and enjoy an infinite feed of local travel inspiration.


Viya shows you unique travel content created by some of Mzansi’s most beloved content creators and influencers. Follow your favourite Viya influencers to see all the best parts of the Viya lifestyle and get that Viya inspiration for your own travels.

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Not just a booking site

Perfect getaway

With over 25k places listed on viya, stay comfortable and connected wherever you go.

Adventure awaits

Plan your holiday in style with our curated collections of hotels and vacation rentals.

Influence the world

Inspire others with your travel stories by sharing your holiday experience.

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